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Battery Knowledge for Rechargeable Batteries

Nowadays products is more and more intelligent,but they eat much more power then before for sure,as we know battery is the power source,then the battery is the core headache of the devices.
How to know the battery is good or not? do you know how to select a better battery for you devices?
BesTech Power can really help you on this headache easily.

Battery technology is growing very fast,we can generally devide batteries into different types from the stuffed Chemistry.

Batteries grows from Lead Acid to Nickel Cadmium then to Nickel Metal Hydride,this we can say in same generation.
Then after this gernation,battery technology had really developed a big step forward, the Li-ion,Li-polymer and LiFePO4 battery were born.

Li-ion and Li-Polymer and LiFePO4 batteries are less weight than others, but same or even higher energy if the same size,we usually calculate the capacity or energy as Ah or mAh or Wh.
More capacity or energy will give devices' longer runing time.

Li-Ion and Li-Polymer and LiFePO4 batteries has the highest energy density(mAh/weight), and becomes more and more popular, but the price is higher than other batteries.

But for all batteries,they all need battery protection circuit modules to protect them from overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, shor curcuit..., BesTech Power is the professional manufacturer of Battery Protection Circuit Module/Battery Management System,
we usually call them PCM/BMS/PCB professionally.

For more battery knowledge,you probably can study from here at www.batteryuniversity.com .

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